Jan 9, 2007


I may be jumping the gun a bit but I'm pleased to announce that I will be having a collection of my work published early this summer. It will be 100+ pages and filled with my cartoons, a forward by Ted Rall and surprise section intros by unannounced others. No, it look looks nothing like the picture above.


Anonymous said...

I'll want me a copy. Pity though, I would have gotten "The Holy Bilicki" as well. Aw shucks.

- Duan

Becky Bilicki Jones said...

Is it wrong to say my brother is my hero?

Great work! I am counting the days until the Bible comes out.

Becky Bilicki Jones said...


Meredith said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!

andrea said...

whoop whooop! omg! super duper! I didn't realize it was a book of all you!!

you're aweosme! I will get one for my momma.