Jan 25, 2007

Duck, duck, birthday.

Below are some rather colorful responses that woke me up this birthday morning.


Don't give a darn about Bush, but show
respect for our Military. they're many
things but NOT sitting ducks. why
don't you show how clever and talented
and COURAGOUS you are by doing a
cartoon series depicting Mohammed in
some political way? just makes your
balls go all the way up, doesn't it?
i'll be watching to see when it
doesn't appear.


Dear Bilicki,

Come on! I have a son in the military and the last way I want to think of his is as a sitting duck. I can see how you would view the president. That is obvious. But, please, take into how brave our soldiers are. They are not sitting ducks. They are heros.

James W.

Go draw a turd. Oh wait, you already did.

Jackie Clae

Justin B.

I really enjoy your work. Todays cartoon made me realize how serious of a state our nation is in. Thank you for illustrating it with such few words.

Carie T.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like this turd. I think it's truthful (as painful as that may be) and properly illustrated. With all the excrement that our government feeds us on a daily basis, I think calling Justin's work a "Turd" is rather fitting.