Jan 18, 2007

Flags are raised in the Bilicki mail box

My latest mail prying cartoon received some colorful feedback that I thought was fit to share. I tend to stay away from cheap shots at Bush but sometimes they're simply well deserved.

Honestly Justin, I think it is a little unfair to pose the President as illiterate. After all he has a Master’s degree and actually a higher GPA than Al Gore….

Thanks for listening…

Joe Towns

Hi Really good. I am almost 78 years young . I thought Dan Quayle was stupid, if you possibly remember him. Bush is the most narrow minded, arrogant misfit that has ever resided in the White House.

Al Mellen


I loved your cartoon with Bush's four steps to postal surveillance. I
laughed and laughed at panel four. It was a great and right-on


Lisa Caid

Mr. bad cartoonist-
You've got to be kidding me? I've seen a pile of cartoons on the wiretapping and yours is by far the most ignorant. Bush IS NOT ILLITERATE. How could he read the teleprompter if he was? He is a Yale grad!!!!!

I have four children and hope that none of them learn to think the way you do.

Aaron Wright

Dear Justin,

If our government told it's citizens everything that they were doing, the terrorist would walk all over us and spread 9-11 ashes on our children. Wouldn't you rather have someone poke through your publishers clearing house spam that detonate a suicide bomb in your schools? Wake up!!!

Samm Reynolds
Denton, OH

I'm writing you this note knowing that you won't be able to ready it. You're the illiterate one. You're the stupid one. You're drawing yourself. There are three things that I don't like about your cartoon. You, you and you.

Stan Baker


You just became a scapegoat for crimes of political comedians of all types. The comic actually made me laugh a bit, just from the artwork.

It absolutely fries me how half of the "Bush Criticism" is "HE'S A MORON AND TOO DUMB TO BREATHE HE DROOLS AND PLAYS WITH LEGOS" - I mean, give me a break. I'm not per se a "Bush Supporter," but criticize the policies, don't just fall back on "Boy, he sure is an uneducated jackass!"

I know it's rolling back a few years, but during the last election, you had the mix of "Don't vote for a mouthbreathing simpleton who can't even tie his own shoes!" and "Bush is fixing the election with a system of COMPLEX COMPUTERIZED TERMINALS" - you can't have it both ways.

Sorry for being harsh, but I had just woken up, and right then decided that Cagle's page was the way to start my morning. There's my first mistake.

Andrew J. Martin


Anonymous said...

Dear Stan Baker,
It's just a cartoon!!

PS - have you tried spellcheck?