Feb 22, 2007


Anonymous said...

I concur. Sure, "Britney shves" is news but it doesn't deserve the coverage it's getting.

The wire service is transforming into a gossip column (like Entertainment Tonight).

What the heck happened to REAL news? The War on Iraq, tension with Iran, etc. are where the real news is happening. But where are the "human interest" stories about the people affected? What's happening to journalism?

Some - but definitely not all - journalists are coping out on finding the real story of real news. They're losing their skepticism, their search for the truth, and they're neglecting their responsibility to the American people.

Instead, they - and especially their distributors - are panning out stories that they *think* will capture public interest and draw in more advertising.

People do have an interest and an intelligence in things beyond "Britney shaves."

And it's up to journalists, it's up to their distributors, to recognize that and deliver.

Great cartoon!

- CD