Jun 27, 2007

experimentation time

I've take some time off to start a non-political comic strip. FICTION! So far, it's unnamed, the characters are not figured out, and not even one strip has been written. But, I figured I show the exploratory state and where it's going. So far it is very different stylistically from my editorial cartoons....so I've very excited. I hope.


swiech said...

you could say that is quite a departure. pretty scary.

lemonworld said...

This looks promising. Sort of Chris Ware meets Red Meat but definitely a unique style. Can't wait to see how this turns out although I have to say I'm disappointed it won't be "political". Any news on the Bilicki Bible?

Justin Bilicki said...

There may some political humor to snack on with the new strip..but dinner still happens in/on/aside the political cartoons.

Ah, the Bilicki Bible! The timing on the release got pushed back a tad but it's still going to happen. I've been tossing around other names...like the Bilicki Koran and the Bilicki Necronomicon, but none have the same ring as the bible one.