Jul 18, 2007

More pictures, less drawings.

The AAEC convention this year didn't pass without leaving a story behind. This years main attraction/speaker was Congressman and presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich.

After the big event/dinner, he hung out for a bit and chatted with some of us cartoonist types. Although I said it before, he has little to no shot at the presidency. But, after speaking with him, I could see a part that went unrecognized by the general public. On camera he seems less maverick and charming and more creepy and bitter. I'm creepy, bitter AND less charismatic on screen so I can relate. Coincidentally he and his wife were traveling to New York City the following morning and extended an invitation to my girlfriend Karen and I to join them. Although the congressional bullet train was tempting, we decided to play clean, stick with the unreliable Chinatown-death-bus and have an early breakfast with Mr. Brendan Burford.

Kucinich taking a peek at my toons.

Kucinich taking another peek at my toons while I pretend to puke and
giggle off a bad joke.

Kucinich and his wife looking at the zit on my nose.

(left to right / tall to normal height) Mrs. Kucinich, Mr. Kucinich,
and my wonderful girlfriend, Karen.

Adam Zyglis of the Buffalo news poses with Ed Hall of the Baker County Press.

Photos by my sweet, Karen Gould

Image taken from the Bush Leaguers exhibit at the American Museum. I was lucky enough to have a piece in the traveling show... In the picture I'm speaking with Dick Locher (editorial cartoonist of the Chicago Tribune and also the brain and pen behind Dick Tracy) and Bruce Beattie from the Daytona News-Journal.

The group of generations of Locher Award winners. (Left to right) Brian Fairrington, William Warren, Nate Beeler, Karen and myself.

Photos compliments of JP Trostile. You can view his collection of his convention photos here.


swiech said...

looks like cool.

Nate said...

Kucinich, the mini-candidate, must have really made a connection with your mini-Bilicki book, right?

Those are some good pics, but photoshop out that guy with the red shirt!

Justin Bilicki said...

It will take a much more advanced program than Photoshop to get ride of the "guy" in the red shirt.

Did you notice that William Warren is attempting to levitate?

lemonworld said...

Dude! Is that really you on page 85 of the AAEC Golden Notebook receiving a Locher award?

Justin Bilicki said...

I sure hope so.. I don't have the Notebook in front of me now. I do now, however, that there's a picture of me putting on my shoes in the air.

Charles Brubaker said...

That next-to-last photo is particulary cool.

I think I recognize the guy on the bottom left - Chuck Asay, who used to draw for Colorado Springs Gazette (now draws for syndication only)