Sep 12, 2007

Betraying us.


Chuck said...

How was this drawn? Did you draw the General once then copy and paste?

I love it anyway. Great work.

Justin Bilicki said...

This cartoon was drawn entirely on the computer. So, I sketched Patreaus once and duplicated his sorry self five more times. I'm using the Wacom Intuos tablet. It's nice because it gives some flexibility with the "undo" option so I can go a little nuts with the linework and fix whatever doesn't look right on the cpu. (Wacom is NOT paying for this plug) Nick Anderson from the Houston Chronicle used to do all of his work on the Wacom..but he has a fancy monitor tablet. The China Labor Day cartoon was also done using the tablet. It may be cheating but it still looks like ink with all of the different line values you can get out of drawing on a piece of plastic.

Thanks for noticing the difference.

Perry said...

[wishing for ticky boxes...]

|_| Your toons rawk.

|_| I like the way you think.

|_| This is one of my faves, totally unsettlingly great.

|_| Yer cute. ;-)

[all of the above]