Sep 30, 2007

Global WARming

In reaction to Bush's remarks about The United States role in battling climate change, Sigmar Gabriel was spot on when he said, "This here was a great step for the Americans and a small step for mankind. In substance, we are still far apart."

We, the United States, are far, far off from cleaning up the mess we helped start. The rapid industrialization of our country left environmentally harmful toxins in our air, in our soil and in our water. Now it is clear that the effects of our rampage are hamful and threaten the globe and the leader of our country says he'll stop it as long as it doesn't hinder the economic prosperity of the businesses which are resposible for the pollution. Basically, if the companies can't make money from cutting back emissions, then cutting back emmissions is not fiscally wise and therefore a bad move. Sounds like the best interest of the world comes second to the best interest of the dollar. Too bad the dollar isn't worth shit anymore.


Anonymous said...

Right on JB!

The dollar is collapsing!
Buy gold now! Buy! Buy!

Becky said...

YES these remarks make me proud that we share similar political views..way to GO JJB.