Sep 5, 2007

I-land back from the island

So I go on vacation for 4 days and already my blog is riddled with comments about mobile advertising. Mobile advertising? Advertising on the go? Advertising in Alabama? Here's the post. It's from "anonymous" but I think it's really from a reader of the Mobile Advertising Times

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I especially like the introduction. You have a nice page. You have a nice page. You have a nice page. You have a nice page where I stick my not-so-special advertising messages on in attempt to lure, but ultimately annoy, readers of a cartoon blog. Please, if you can, go to and tell them to put all of their ads on to one phone...and then take that phone and shove it up their..... that was fun.

The good news is that I'm back from 4 beautiful days in Bermuda celebrating Karen's 30th birthday. The bad news is that I forgot to post cartoons when I was gone. Expect those after I get back up to speed...which may take some time.