Jan 23, 2008

cartoon + video!!! WOW


Tropicola said...

Wow Justin! This was even more fun to watch than the Danziger one. I have a dorky question. I notice in the photos you had a bunch of Micron pens scattered around your desk which don't feature in the video. Is that what you typically use for lettering?

Rob Tornoe said...

Just wanted to say that instead of finishing my own cartoons, I've decided my time is better spent putting a link to your video on my blog.

Can't believe you draw them so large!!!

r.cole said...

Terrific Justin--Hope you don't mind- but I added your link to my blog. How do you scan your stuff- or do you even scan them?

Justin Bilicki said...

Thanks for linking out the video!
Scanning at that scale is a pain in the ass. I use a large format scanner which takes about two scans to get the whole drawing. I don't draw all the cartoons at that size..just when I have some time and patience.

I do use the microns for the lettering. If the lettering is large, I'll use a brush to save some time but I usually use either a micron 5 or 8. For smaller lettering I'll use a 2....and I usually spell something wrong.