Apr 8, 2008


I'm off to Shanghai for awhile so no toons for a bit. I'm bringing a fancy pants sketchbook to draw unpolitical doodles with non-Tibetan humor. Onward!

When I don't give you toons, I give you television. Check out ABC this Sunday at 11:30am ET and you'll see my smiling and frightened face get interviewed. It's on Business Week TV, a segment on ABC about last minute taxes. I was stuck in an H&R block watching the tax man try and figure out how to expense pens, playdoh and beer against cartooning. Little did I know there was a secret camera capturing the bad humor exchanges. Tune in Sunday and let me know how it went...I'll be holed up in a prison on the other side of the world wishing I hadn't opened my mouth.

In other news...The Urban Dictionary offers a colorful definition of Bilicki. Hmm....
1. Bilicki
5 up, 4 down

A sense of pure evil. Often referred to as something extremely old and archaeic. This object usually has other symbolic meanings, which often lead to ancient egyptian cultures.

Used as an adjective: Bilickian

"I saw that Bilickian tablet today and nearly had a heart attack! It looked so old, ugly, and F#$ked!"


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