Aug 20, 2008

City Pulse cover illustration - back to school action

Below is the latest cover I illustrated for the illustrious Lansing City Pulse.


joseph w grant said...


For those of us with fixed and limited incomes (for example I live on SS of less than $800 a month, and at age 78 I am forced to work-out and watch my health)who have little to spare at the end of the month, it wold be helpful to know where the bidding is so we don't make fols of ourselves.

Great art.

Peace and Justice,

joe grant

Vakr@Rekha said...

Congrates on your Victory

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin, I really liked the cartoon you made for Science wonder you won that contest, you have amazing talent!
I am working for (have a look at our website) a web based tv devoted to sustainable development..mostly to the environment. I would like to post your cartoon on our blog and make an article about your work that could be featured on our media partners websites such as MSN Globally Minded and MSN Greeen! If you have other cartoons related to environmental issues, maybe you could become one of our frequent contributors! Let me know if you are interested,
Looking forward to hear from you!

Joanie Bergeron Poudrier
Communication services and parnership
Alternative Channel TV

Becky said...

You are my hero little bro.

Carol Epstein said...

Congratulations on winning the 2008 Science Idol Contest sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Your cartoon said 'just the facts,man' in such a way that even I understood.