Dec 8, 2006

Metro and book..totally unrelated.

Just the other day Metro, one of the largest free daily newspapers around, called and asked to interview me for a story they're doing on the current state of editorial cartooning. Metro, a paper which runs more stories about editorial cartoons than editorial cartoons themselves, is doing a week long tribute to editorial cartooning. Funny. Amazing. Both funny and amazing.

They are not completely cartoonless. They do run a strip by Tony Murphy entitled, "Metro Cartoon: It's all about you." You can see Tony's work HERE This comic, which is not too bad, is not all about you. It's about making the publisher happy that he didn't offend a poor reader who picked up the freebie out of convenience. It's sad.

That interview will be published next week.

In other news, it's time to pick up The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2007. Daryl Cagle has been throwing this together for the past couple years and I've been nothing but impressed...especially this year. I'm finally in the little bugger. You can purchase it HERE.