Dec 8, 2006

One Cheney knocked up, the other knocked down

Well, since I rarely read blogs, I decided to create my own. The Google Monster makes it easy, there were no excuses not to. So, every day I'll post up the comic along with extra words that couldn't fit into the cartoon. I'll post some reader feedback as well as an occasional sketch, picture, video or song. I'll try and keep to the toons. The current website that I personally post the cartoon on is bland, single serving and outdated. The "Bilicki Blog" will make it easier for others to say what's on their mind. It will also contain the raw power of misspellings and poor grammer. All comments, besides the ones about my hair, are welcome.

Back to the cartoon. The most grounded and open-minded Cheney gets knocked up by someone or something and the tooth-filled jaw of the VP drops faster than the administrations confidence in itself. When this information came out, the first thought was to try to expose Dick Cheney's relationship with the dark side.


Anonymous said...

Foley got Cheney pregnant.