Dec 28, 2006

One flu in over the sick-o nest

It's official, I'm physically unable to draw another cartoon in 2006. Hit with the stomach flu, I've decided to hang up the pen and fully recover in preparation for yet another brutal year of editorial cartooning. Send your complaints to


Alopex said...

Thanks for the reply to my email. I am sorry to find out that you have the flu. Ironically, I had a flu shot this year. I looked over some of my political cartoons of the past, and you're right. I should publish them on the internet!
By the way, Herblock drew a great cartoon in early 1960, after his heart attack (in which he stopped smoking), in which Nixon appears as the witch who says into the Repbulican mirror: "Whose the fairest one of all?"
I did not email this, but I have Polish relatives who live around Detroit, so we have that in common. Like many Polianians (to use a politically correct term), they seem to migrate to plains, similar to Poland itself. There are many Polonian-Americans in Chicago, which is also no surprise.
I thank you for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

This is unique

Mary Margaret said...

This is unique