Jan 2, 2007

Slop machine

I'm back and feeling more feisty than ever. Hold on to your children and make sure you lock your doors at night... because the first toon of the year is, as it should come as not surprise, about Bush. As he was was busy tonight resurrecting the famous Nixon pardon at the Pres. Ford's own eulogy, I was busy making the scribble below.


Jack Danburry said...

How many times does this man have to pull the lever before the jackpot is hit? I know you were trying to show bush in a bad light (or a dim light) but don't you think this cartoon shows that this war can be won if more soldiers are put into the "war machine"? Or do you, Mr. Bilicki, think that is less probable to win and we should just stop putting more coins/soldiers in that machine?

Justin Bilicki said...

Simply put, the man/our nation/taxpayers/military men are losing. Sure, there is a chance that ol' Bushman can improve the situation by adding more troops (or coins) but it is highly unlikely that it will turn the situation positive.

Lemon said...

Daryl Cagle drew an almost identical cartoon to this one a full week after you put this one up which is extraordinary seeing as your cartoon appeared on his website.


Despite the similarity he can't match your irresistible line work and failed to get the same chuckle I got from your original piece. Keep up the good work.

Justin Bilicki said...

Once in awhile I'll come up with an idea that is drawn by another cartoonist and say, "daaaaaammmmit!' If there is absolutely no way of executing the same idea with a different visual, then there is no way I'll draw that idea. Daryl uses the term "yahtzee" to describe a group of identical cartoons drawn by different cartoonists. It happens more than you'd think. When most everyones cartoons can be seen online, this should happen less. But then again, sometimes some cartoons are overlooked.

Thanks for the chuckle!