Dec 11, 2006


Every single day readers react to the cartoons. Some are postive and most are negative. Regardless, they're all entertaining. The Kramer cartoon in particular got a positive response. Below you'll see what I mean.

I need for people to understand that the things that kramer said were not funny. He is another white man who feels he's above black people. oneday people are not going to sit around and think that 's funny. They will want to slap his face for being so stupid.


Justin, your cartoon was by far the best. The illustration represented nothing but the truth.
Thank You,
Sandra L. Collier, MS


Why are all the featured professional cartoonists - white? I found this more intriguing than Richards or the commentary from the illustration.


I just wanted to thank and commend you on your Angry Kramer cartoon. I
think it not only captures the essence of why this "outburst" is so troubling, but it simplifies in a way that everyone should be able to understand. I think way too much emphasis was placed on how the N word is used in the African American community. I myself have not ever used the word, but I do not feel that as an African American that we need to justify the use of a word, phrase, etc. towards our own people. And I can assure you that it is never used in the context as displayed by Michael Richards. At any rate, I am writing not to vent but to say that I loved your cartoon, it is hanging in my cubicle and I appreciate your un-biased, common sense filled, free and wonderful mind :-)! -Jolene McGown
Dear Mr. Bilicki, I think you're a hack. It's a shame they put you behind the pen. I understand you have the "freedom" to draw whatever and whenever you want but please, please, please make sure you keep your putrid opinions to yourself.


I just wanted to say I love your cartoon, it had me in tears -C James


Your cartoon of Michael Richards on is just fabulous. I looked at several and yours is so simple yet said so much. After the repetitive depictions of Richards in the KKK garb, your cartoon is not overboard yet really packed a punch. I liked how you really showed the kind of spastic movements of Richards, almost as if he is tweaking out (wouldn't surprise me). Also, the best part of the whole cartoon is just the hint of the word that is so taboo in this country and that Richards spouted out as if he was talking about puppies and snowflakes. I agree with you, he really did cross the line. Just thought I'd share my thoughts,

P.S. Before I scrolled down to see who was the illustrator of the cartoon I had assumed that it was a woman, probably because it was so smart. I'm sorry to say that I thought I was correct in my assumption when I saw your picture until I saw the name Justin....Ha Ha. Is that insulting?
-Deidre Silvia


I know your subj
ect was the Pope but as your selected quote was from the old testament would it not be better to show a Rabbi reading this verse? Also I am told the Bible is the interpretation of Gods word and subject to discussion whereas the Koran IS Gods word. Crucial difference Do you look towards the suppression of criticism of Islam leading to the situation existing in Britain today? Last year a candidate for a far right party was prosecuted for putting out an election leaflet stating Muslims had started a particular riot and got 6 months in jail. The Judge accepted what he published was true but it was likely to incite racial hatred and therefore illegal. I do not support any party but jailing someone for telling the truth in an election leaflet is a new type of democracy.

Edward Browning

Your cartoon is very lame- Kerry obviously misspoke, and than did not have the ability to explain his error. For YOU to try to cover up for him just shows the inherent lack of mental
agility of Kerry and the LEFT as a whole. Do us all a favor and get a job in the greeting card industy.


Did saddam h even give his people a "chance" wheel? you have the attention spand of a ferret on a hotplate!. and a memory that resets itself every 30-60 days. it must be fun always being right when you can't remember when you were wrong.


One of your biggest fans said...

Justin, If you do start publishing these cartoons as greeting cards, I'd love to buy them!