Oct 25, 2007

All burnt up


CAB said...

Your latest cartoons are cut off in my browser.

Thought you'd like to know that.

lemonworld said...

I'm liking the color. You use a very restrained palette which complements your lines really well. How's it looking when printed? Are these appearing on the Op Ed page?

Justin Bilicki said...

The color is much, much more fun than the 'ol black and white. The only problem is that it takes about twice as long to create a cartoon... so production is down.

They've been appearing on a page called "Mailbox" which is a fancy way of saying Opinion or Letters page. So far there have been some major complications with printing color. The registration of the Imus cartoon was off by about 1 cm and made the toon almost unreadable. Damn yellow plate.

Is the browser problem happening with anyone else?