Dec 13, 2007


Although this has absolutely nothing to do with the CIA cartoon, I'd like to talk about the new security provisions implied on American soil. New York City Transit (aka subways) have been under surveillance by "auxiliary" NYPD. Those police officers, although extremely overweight, ungroomed and unmodest, chose to pick me out of a group of passersby's to inspect and hassle. Did I have a bomb? No. Did I look like I had a bomb? No. What has our nation become when the very people whom are supposed to be protecting you randomly search a guy carrying a Christmas tree stand and a backpack full of crayons? Millions of people flood through the arteries of the transit system and we leave it up to Johnny-20-year-old officer to hand-pick suspicious New Yorkers to aggrivate. I hope picking me out of the crowd validated their Muslim profiling operation.

I'm a little irked.


Anonymous said...

JB! That must have been an
experience. I guess everyone's fair game for hasseling in NYC. What can I say! You think it was the XMass tree stand?

Nick Name said...

Maybe, like everyone else, they were looking for clues to the big announcement you were going to make the week after Thanksgiving. :-)

Justin Bilicki said...

I STILL cannot spill the beans on the announcement. Hopefully, it will be after the new year. Boooooooooooooooo.