Feb 28, 2008

Baaaaaaaaaaaaad cartoonist

If you've seen www.badcartoonist.com, you'll understand the toon.


Neal Obermeyer said...


A few days ago, you drew Rush Limbaugh as far more obese than he is. It makes no comment on an issue at all. It's just calling him fat with a picture.

So how is that somehow more noble than BC calling Daryl Cagle fat with words? Would it have been more acceptable had he/she drawn a Fat Cagle?

Justin Bilicki said...

I was using exaggeration, caricature and humor. Three of the most valuable weapons in a cartoonists' artillery.

I signed my name to the caricature and I never called Rush fat. Yes, he's tubby but I would never resort to making his weight the sole subject of my cartoon.

The Bad Cartoonist hides in anonymity in fear of facing the industries repercussions. He says he's friends with some/most of us. So, if he/she believes that the industry is going down the toilet, why doesn't he/she find an educated way at turning it around? It's too easy to blindly pick on someone without the responsibility a counter attack. We try and provoke change through smart cartoons, right? Then why can't we provoke change within the industry with smart criticisms? Calling someone fat is not smart criticism. He/she is simply crossing the line and good point are becoming clouded by crap like that.

lemonworld said...

I don't care what they say about your hair Justin, you're still the greatest.

Justin Bilicki said...

Next time I draw you, you'll be skinny and well groomed.

Thanks for the comments.

Rob Tornoe said...


Anonymous said...

How about making age the sole issue of the McCain cartoon in your previous cartoon? Is calling someone old smart criticism?

How about drawing Bush as a chimp? Smart?

Besides, he wasn’t just making fun of your hair, he was complaining about the splatter –whatever the merits of that- you can’t claim he didn’t couple the barb with some critique.

We’re trying to provoke change through smart cartoons? Partly, but also through ridicule. Ridiculing the president as one out of 56 million citizens is not the same as ridiculing a fellow cartoonist as one out of, what, 56 professionals. In that small a field there really is a threat of damaging “repercussions” and “counter attacks” unlike you or I would face making fun of some politician. I suggest he keep hiding.

The protester doesn’t have to have answers, he just has to have a protest. The lack of good answers doesn’t mean he can’t have a complaint. And why would the complaints be any less legitimate because it was spoken anonymously?

Eric Allie

Justin Bilicki said...

I see a difference between myself calling macain old and the BC taking anonymous cheap shots. I was making a point that macain may be too old to lead the country. I used humor and wordplay to get that message across. Was it the best and smartest cartoon I've ever done? Absolutely not.

The editorial cartoon profession is in desperate need of criticism. Even though the BC is saying some things that are true, it's hard to trust his/her judgment and criticism because they make personal attacks that have absolutely nothing to do with their cartoons.

If a protester doesn’t have answers but only a protest, isn't that protester hollow and worthless? Do people protest the white house and say, "iraq war!! Yuck!"? No. They say "STOP the war."

Solutionless complainers, especially those who complain about what they are doing, lose credit very, very fast.

Thanks for the comments Eric. After I cranked out one cartoon reply, I care much, much less about this hack. I would totally respect him/her if they'd just reveal their identity. I'd even buy them a drink or two.

Malashicage said...

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Anonymous said...

Commenting on the president, a public official, is not the same as, say, commenting on an ordinary citizen.

As a public official, the president's job directly affects the citizens of the United States. Were criticism of his/her job not allowed, there would be abuses, there wouldn't be a free press.

Also, a public official's rights to privacy are different from an ordinary citizen's. Creating a piece of thoughtful criticism about someone who's job affects many peoples' lives is vastly different from violating privacy and thoughtlessly criticizing an ordinary citizen - someone whose execution of his/her job does not directly affect the masses.

Justin Bilicki said...

I posted something with spelling McCains name wrong...and can't figure out how to fix it. dang. McCain, you got lucky.

Philip Shade said...

I thought BC was pretty out of line. I think there is definitely room for crits in the industry but BC's is pretty sophomoric.

Curious, BC bad mouthed you under "bad photoshop" I assumed you used inks and watercolor or dyes.

Justin Bilicki said...

You're right. For the color cartoons the only thing I use photoshop for is making spelling corrections. For the black and white toons I use photoshp to apply the fake duoshade line work. Maybe I'll experiment with applying bricks.

Anonymous said...

Well, you do have girly hair. It's dreamy.

Eric Devericks

Justin Bilicki said...

I cut it! It's more man-girlie now.