Feb 20, 2008


As a cartoonist, I reflect on the news. I try to formulate my opinions based on sound judgment after digesting it from a reliable, trustworthy and respected news outlet. I often read cnn.com, msnbc.com and similar popular American new sites. With the exception of the local 5 o'clock news with Sally Sunshine and Vinnie Values, I'd guess that these are the same places most Americans gain their world perspective. We're constantly told that we have a "free" press and shun countries who don't live by our perfect standards either governmentally or editorially. We're the control in the ongoing experiment of the global spreading of Democracy. We are promoters of a system that values freedom of religion, political party and choice of beer. We can wear what we want and eat as much as we want whenever we want. We are free. We are also free to read and believe whatever we want. Why aren't we Americans furious that our trusted news sources value gossip as important news? We have no idea if we are actually free. We simply operate under the comfort of reading that we are.

Todays most important news stories on cnn.com

Now look at what the most important issues are in the middle east

Do we need to blur the line between news and pure entertainment in order to capture the attention of reader? Help me see the light if I'm wrong.

Now, take a look at what questions the news source asks readers. Below is a popular American news site next to a popular middle east news website


Jon said...

Look here

Nate said...

Good post! CNN has been crap for a while -- and as the TV station goes, so does the Web site.

Fox said...

Sorry. Look please here

Merr said...

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Daddy said...

What was the 'scared tiger chased by wild villagers' story all about? Do a cartoon on that one.

Tojagal said...

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